HReXO stands for HR ( Human Resource ) + E (Entrepreneurs) + XO ( CxO’s and Business Leaders ) , where leaders from different groups join to create more opportunities, help each other personally to build eco system and incubate new businesses.

HReXO is an elite network of HR, Entrepreneurs and CXOs through which members connect, communicate, exchange ideas, and share common challenges. At HReXO, we connect HR to HR, CEO’s to CEO’s, CxO’s to CxO’s and aspiring entrepreneurs to CxO’s and VC’s .

HReXO also aims to serve as the focal point for business development and growth. We provides opportunity for “Learning and Growing the business, while having fun”. The Club organizes seminars, conferences, meet-ups and other events across the country to facilitate peer-to-peer collaboration and to get connected to unique world of business opportunities. The membership to the club is exclusive and by invitation only. Currently the Club spans all major Countries, cities, with local chapters, and has members from Information Technology, Automotive, Aerospace, Healthcare, Media and Entertainment, Banking, Telecom, FMCG among many other industries.

CEOs worldwide see human capital as a top challenge, Thus, HReXO sole purpose is to create business environment where Human Resource, Enterprenuers and CxO's can leverage the network of partners and third-party eco- system by collaborating organizations & their leaders with right opportunities, skills and resources.

The HReXO is more than a business title; it’s a source of information, inspiration and motivation for the world’s most successful leaders, executives, investors and entrepreneurs. Our content creates conversations, our voice is the one that matters.

Eco-System Integrated Enabler (EIE)


HReXO’ s provides partners the opportunity to enhance their brand, expand their network and access HReXO’ s audience of highly qualified CxO’s , Technocrats and Human Resource Professionals.

HReXO focuses on tech companies with business models that support worldwide growth and expansion, we offer a platform that elevates partners through experiences such as:

Enrich - yourself with 50+ content rich sessions delivered by 200+ global thought leaders.

Enterprise Connect

  • offers a range of targeted sponsorship opportunities to increase your visibility
  • Access to Research and Thought Leadership
  • Market access - Network with peers, practitioners, influencers, and leaders
  • Global Investor & Delegation Connect
Explore - new technologies; start-up demos; unconference formats and something new lined-up everyday.


  • Build your brand - Great Branding and Exhibition Opportunities with events Sponsorship
  • Feature on our thought leader talk section to get the industry visibility
  • Promote your events and educate probable prospects
Experience - an entirely seamless digital conference spread over three days.


  • Opportunity to Make Connections and have Conversations to Capture New Leads
  • Investment opportunity with startups for indigenous technologies / Products
  • Global investors connect
  • Virtual Trade Programs
  • Exploring Synergies
Enjoy-It’s not all work at the limited edition! We promise to keep you entertained with an unparalleled experience at our social evenings and awards nights!

Engage - Industry Initiatives

  • Join our niche initiatives across different roles – SME, Startups , Tech Development ,HR, CFO, CEO, Tech Business leaders etc.
  • Connect with emerging startup
  • Leadership connect and networking
  • Connect with Academia for Industry Academia Partnership
  • Build the industry – join programs on Skills, Start-ups, Security, CSR.
  • Speaking engagements of all sizes and formats
  • Mentoring Startups in the World's Best Accelerators



Faster growth and greater success come from learning from others who have walked a similar path. At the top, every leader’s opportunities and challenges are the same. Contact us today to explore how HReXO Network can help you grow yourself to grow your business.

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